Hand Painted Silk Scarves

love is like air
and sometimes a small breeze is all you need
to know that it’s there.

love is not seeing
it is trusting love enough that even when unseen
you are still believing.

tie a silk scarf
around my trusting, blind eyes and stand with me
down by the wharf.

the sun-kissed shore
where you once showed undying faith, god of love
and now where I show mortals
the true meaning of love


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When did Silk Painting begin?

Silk Painting is such an ancient art that we don’t know when it began but
records indicate that it has been practiced throughout the world from
15,000 bc using natural pigments.

Why do you paint instead of silkscreening or printing?

I searched for inspiration and was determined to see how far I could take this hand-painting art. The challenge is that every piece is truly unique and one-of-a-kind. I knew that silk-painting had potential far beyond what many people might expect.

How long will the scarves last?
Silk scarves will last indefinitely. Silk will not wear out.
How do they feel? Is the paint scratchy?

Silk scarves feel like butter. The scarves are painted with natural dyes, and there is no residue to scratch.

How do they get cleaned?

Silk scarves are washed in lukewarm water, using a mild detergent as for baby clothes.

What can they be used for?

Silk scarves should be used to wear, but can be used for decoration, for example, have the painting framed. They make beautiful unusual gifts.

Why should I buy one?

For the sheer luxury and enjoyment of feeling the silk on your body. Men and women would enjoy wearing them – males as a cravat (just turn the painting inside your shirt/jacket).

Anyone who appreciates the sensuous feel of silk and the knowledge of possessing a one-off garment would love to own one.